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Behind The Scenes Father & Son Duo Producers / Engineers.
We Created Frequency 215 Studio as a Private Studio setting, to be able to focus on Our Clients Vision during the creating process. We take pride in being able to block out all distractions while we work. What we strive for the most is being able to have an open and honest relationship with our clients. We communicate  with our Clients before during and after our session to maintain a positive relationship. We believe this is a important part of the process of developing a strong team to consistently be most creative. 
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Recording - Mixing - Production - Mastering
We Also Provide Additional Services Merch Bundles, Merch and Cover Art Design, ISRC Code Management and Issuance, MetaData embedment and More.
Find out more by contacting us directly. 

Check us out on social Media @Frequency215 

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