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About Us

Behind The Scenes Father & Son Duo Producers / Engineers.
We Created Frequency 215 Studio to be a Completely Private 1 on 1 Studio setting, to be able to focus on Our Clients Vision during the creating process. We take pride in being able to block out all distractions while we work. What we strive for the most is being able to have an open and honest relationship with our clients. We communicate with our Clients before during and after our session to maintain a positive relationship. We believe this is a important part of the process of developing a strong team to consistently be most Efficient, Effective and Creative. 

Record with Experienced Relatable Engineers through High End Analog Gear to get the best possible Results out of your performance and Recordings. 

 Industry Standard Recording Studio

   "Out Board GEAR"

  • Neve Shelford Channel Strip

  • SSL Six Channel Strip

  • Manley Core Tube Channel Strip 

  • BAE 1073

  • Distressor

  • TubeTech CL1B

  • Focusrite ISA One

  • MAAG EQ4

  • Audio Scape EQP-A


  • Little Labs VOG

  • Dangerous Music AD+

  • Dangerous Music Convert 2

  • Dangerous Music Monitor ST

  • Dangerous Music 2 Bus+

  • Flock Audio Patch and More...



          Universal Audio Apollo X Series...


  • Nuemann TLM49

  • AKG414 XLII

  • WA 8000 Moded Tube Condenser

  • WA 87 R2

  • Sony C80

  • Shure SM7 DB

  • Shure SM57

  • Avantone Cv-12 BLA Tube Condenser

  • Rode NT2000

  • Rode NT2A


  • Adam Audio A77h

  • Adam Audio A77x

  • KRK VXT 8

  • KRK 10S Sub

        Custom iMac 2021

       Official Licensed Software:

  • Protools 23

  • Maschine 2

  • Komplete 14 Collectors Edition

  • Heat Up 3

  • UAD 2

  • FabFilter

  • Waves

  • SoundToys and many more...

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • TikTok
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